Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thank Yous Long Overdue

I'm a big believer in thanking people (even if my gratitude isn't always so sincere). Here we go...

Thank you...

... to the guys/girls/old men/little-kids-with-manners/creepy-dudes who hold doors open for me even when I'm a hundred feet away. Way too kind.

... to the lady who just stumbled off the curb probably thinking that because she was next to a huge truck, nobody saw. But I did. Much needed chuckle for an already-shitty morning.

... to my 3rd grade teacher who encouraged us to get extra credit points and by doing so, brought out the wanna-be-writer in me.

... to my professors in college for continually helping me to hone my (so-called) craft. (and for letting me sit in your office listening to all my tales. You know who you are!)

...to the people who actually take the time to read what I write. You five people ROCK!

... to all those wonderful, loving people out there who have taken it upon themselves to knock me down and kick me while I'm there. Again, more people who ROCK!

... to my puppy, Two and a Half - you make me smile daily. :)

... to my sister, Forty-Three. A girl needs to have someone in life who she can share a secret language with. You know what the raised left eyebrow means in any given situation. Thank GOD.

... to whoever it was in my family, (Sixty-Eight?) that I got my sense of humor from.

... to those who have taught me harsh lessons. Those are the ones I will never, ever forget.

...to Pindar Winter White - you make my evenings more enjoyable.

... in the same vein, to the Local Liquor Store for amusing me by taking my suggestion half-way seriously of having a card to stamp every time you come in. Every ten bottles gets you a freebie. (Come on, guys - Subway used to do it!)

... to Senor Frog's in Mexico. Period.

... to Seth MacFarlane. You are a comic genius and I don't care who isn't with me on that one. (also to TVLand for running all those Roseanne marathons for when Ol' Forty can't sleep).

... to Anne Murray for singing a song that makes me cry like a fucking idiot. My iPod seems to be a source of pain and self-punishment somehow. Maybe I should set it on fire.

... to my fantabulous boss for paying me that unbelievably HUGE mountain of cash every two weeks just so he can have someone to sneer at daily. It is SO fucking worth it.

... to anyone who loves me, warts and all.

... the guy at the nail place who gave me a really long and quite awesome foot massage recently. My toe nails looked lovely in that shade of red, btw.

... to all those who never cease to amaze me.

... to my daughter, Eight, for having that wicked Mizrahi sense of humor. She's 59 pounds of solid love and companionship and she makes me laugh.

... to my son, Thirteen, for shocking the shit out of me with his strength and courage. Yes, he whimpered when he got his ear pierced but he didn't even flinch in the face of something else that should have knocked him down.

... to Eight and Thirteen. Never have I been more proud of the two of them. When hit with shitty news, they were both courageous and understanding. I love them more than life.


  1. Jill!This just may be the most enjoyable blog yet!Thank you.I loved it!-Gail.xoxo

  2. Thank you, Gail... I'm glad there's someone who enjoys :)

  3. Thanks for sharing yourself, I enjoy reading it :) Michele

  4. Thanks, Michele! I appreciate you taking the time to read AND comment! :)

  5. ydgou're wdgelcdgome-Forty-three :)